How to configure Super WDS mode of NC-LINK device V2

For NC-AP311 &NC-AP511

1.Login NC-LINK device (NC-AP311 for example), default User Name and Password is admin

Image 001.jpg

2.Please make sure these two devices are "Super WDS" mode.

Image 000.jpg

3.Set CPE-1 IP address to (it’s easy to recognize between two CPEs)

Click ” Advanced” and “Network Setting”, Access Type choose “Fixed IP

Image 002.jpg

4.Set CPE-1 SSID (it’s easy to recognize between two CPEs) 

Image 003.jpg

5.Setting WDS encryption information

Image 004.jpg

6.Click “Scan AP”add CPE-2 to the list

Image 005.jpg

7.CPE-1 setting completed

Image 006.jpg

8.Login CPE-2 Web UI

Image 007.jpg

9.Setting WDS encryption information same with CPE-1’s encryption

Image 008.jpg

10.Click “Scan AP” and add CPE-1 to the list

Image 009.jpg

11.Super WDS configure completed

Image 010.jpg

12.Verify WDS bridge succeed or not, ping, if connect, it means WDS bridge successfully

Image 011.jpg

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